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Telemedicine in New Jersey

  • What should I expect from my first session?
    Your first session will help set the stage for the pace and direction of therapy. During this 45-55 minute intake session, you and your therapist will discuss factors that brought you to therapy and identify areas that you believe are most important. We may also request additional background information to get to know you better. This session will give you the opportunity to evaluate your comfort level with your therapist as well as identify any barriers to a successful treatment episode.
  • What if I'm not sure about starting therapy?
    This is far from uncommon. Fortunately, most people tell us that their biggest challenge was making the initial appointment and that they were grateful once they did. We try our best to make the intake process as smooth as possible so that the focus can stay on whats important. If you’re still not sure, click “Confidential Consultation” above and we’ll be happy to contact you to further discuss your needs.
  • Do you prescribe medication?
    At this time, Collective Mind does not offer medication management. However, we place great value on coordinating with providers who may be prescribing medications that are relevant to your treatment. We are also happy to make referrals to psychiatrists and other providers if it is required any point during therapy.
  • How often will we meet?
    At Collective Mind we feel strongly about meeting with our clients on a regular basis. We generally recommend weekly sessions at the onset of therapy and then tapering sessions as appropriate once therapy goals are reached.
  • How long is the average session?
    Sessions at Collective Mind are generally between 45-55 minutes each.
  • What if I don't have insurance?
    We understand the challenges that our clients sometimes face when it comes to session fees and co-pays. That’s why we accept multiple forms of payment for your session. If you are not covered out-of-network by insurance we also offer a self pay option.
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