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Alcoholism & Addiction 

Initiating therapy for substance abuse is an impressive accomplishment for anyone who believes that they may have a problem.  Depending on the severity of the alcoholism or addiction, an entirely unique thought structure develops with the sole purpose of sustaining and nourishing the addiction.  It takes tremendous strength to overcome these urges and work towards sobriety or use reduction.  

Whether you are discharging from a rehab facility or treatment program or hoping to avoid one, outpatient therapy can be a useful stop to take inventory of the harm caused by substance use. It is critical for those in recovery to identify and maintain a sober game plan and social support.  Regular meetings with a therapist can help to identify risky situations and process thoughts and urges that unchecked, could lead to relapse.  

When it comes to sobriety, you are in the driver’s seat, and most people in recovery will tell you that they didn’t get there by accident.  

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