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a therapy session

Collective Mind Counseling

Our approach to therapy is based upon two foundational pillars. It is the dynamic blend of these that will make your work at Collective Mind individually tailored and unique to you. The first pillar of therapy provides context. If you’ve ever asked yourself “Why am I this way?”, this will be the area that we’ll want to focus on to provide immediate relief from this frustrating question. We will take an inventory of your life experiences to better understand the framework of how those experiences contributed to the nature of your behaviors, emotions, perspectives, and relationships.

The second pillar then naturally flows from these reflections and begins to offer solutions. It is in this area that the question “what can I do about it
?” becomes applicable. This pillar is less concerned about, but still informed by, the experiences that led us to our current state and are interested in teaching us how to confront our symptoms. It is with respect to this pillar that we will explore the wide range of coping skills available to us and identify the ones that resonate with you directly.

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