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In a balanced environment, anxiety serves as our internal alarm system.  It naturally exists to warn us of impending danger so that we can take meaningful steps to protect ourselves.  Many years ago, when a hunter/gatherer saw a lion, they likely felt a surge of anxiety (manifested as fear) and without further thought fled for safety.  In modern times, this safety mechanism has grown more complex as developing social and cultural expectations influence the way we experience different life events.  This can cause what is otherwise a necessary emotion (anxiety) to become overactive, which can lead to difficulty navigating social situations, excessive worry, unpleasant thoughts,  and even panic attacks (extreme physical symptoms of anxiety).


Therapy helps to improve upon self-talk, a skill we likely already possess and use without even realizing it.  With purposeful and effective self-talk, we can examine the validity of anxiety-provoking thoughts and take meaningful steps towards either coping with the stressor or shifting the way we think. 

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